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The Alpacas Love this Time of Year!

Winter weather has arrived!

This Summer we were blessed with 2 healthy and beautiful crias! A little female, Gigi out of our Silver Sunshine and Cinco C’s Captain Midnight. She is growing fast with incredible staple length and brightness. At this point we refer to her color as a strawberry blonde!

Our Sixtus Reign unpacked a beautiful little boy, Maverick, with fantastic bundles of (maybe) rose gray fleece. KBA Lights Out is the sire. This cria is very handsome (and he knows it).

The rest of the herd is happy and healthy! We completed breedings for 2023, always trying to work the best of the best for our girls!

At the foundation of it all is the support of our wonderful vet and special mentor farms, blessings for our herd and for us.


It’s so nice to wake up and see the alpacas all laying in the pasture, they stay out all night this time of year!

Our crias are growing fast and strong, both have beautiful fleece!

As for our older girls…
Amidala is such a beauty with fantastic fleece, dense and fine with very consistent crimp for black and she is so good when haltered, such a lady. It’s easy to see how she won the blue ribbon in her class at last year’s Futurity. We sent her to Oregon for her breeding and although I was worried (first time we had one of our girls transported), thanks to the awesome transporter and the best people to work with at the destination farm, she’s back at home and as happy as ever!

Little Lucie really has the crimp, wow, she’s a light fawn who loves to get really dirty and although she is still a petite yearling, she gives the other girls the business every chance she gets!

Supergirl is growing up, she’s had the confirmation from the start but her fleece is improving and her personality could not be better, you can walk her around without a lead! She’s very smart and beautiful and bred to Zagato Zumba for her first cria, due in 2023.

Black Rose is such a big eyed blue-black beauty, and her ear lashes are gorgeous! We are very excited for her 2023 cria after breeding with Sakima’s Braxton this Summer!

And our Pop Star, she has the prettiest face, it’s like she’s talking to you when she looks at you, she’s young so her fleece is still developing but staple length is where she shines, it’s really long. She’s a bit shyer than the others, but she loves getting the halter on and struts around like a proud alpaca!

All of the alpacas are in good health, the chickens still provide all the eggs we need and the bees are really trying…we were plagued with swarms in the Spring and are down to 2 hives. Wish it wasn’t so hard for them.

We continue to be so thankful for this farm!



 Many Images by Woodside Photography,

Smithfield, Pennsylvania